WiseFixer Review

About WiseFixer

WiseFixerMade by FoxTh Software Technology, WiseFixer is an award-winning system performance tool that helps Windows users identify registry entries and harmful files that make their computer lag, and then remove them safely to speed up their operating system. It also fine tunes internet settings and has a backup feature to help users keep important files secure from accidentally getting deleted or corrupted.

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WiseFixer in depth

It is WiseFixer reviews that distinguish it from other system utilities. It has been acclaimed by software review websites. Customer testimonials include high praise. A user from Wisconsin told how it helped him revive an old Pentium IV PC to install Windows Vista for his children, in only fifteen minutes. Another 73 year old user says it helped him transform his five-year old Dell computer to brand new. Overall, they love the ability to fix errors in one click and the speed at which WiseFixer does this. In the digital age, a large portion of our time is spent in front of a monitor. Which means that with time the system collects junk data and temporary files that slow it down? Today, to retune your system is as essential as cleaning one’s cluttered bedroom.

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WiseFixer certainly has to adhere to high standards to remain popular, and it delivers. The website is a breeze to navigate, the software even more so. It gives users the convenience of managing all system cleanup options from one window, including but not limited to, Internet Explorer, the Windows registry, the Windows startup, and more. The software is built with a sophisticated algorithm to detect even the smallest of faults, and comes bundled with four extra system tools dedicated to improving usability and further tweaking system performance. To seal the deal, all these features fit into a download under 4 MB. It runs on all the versions of Windows released since 2000, so users with a variety of computers can run it on all their workstations.


Despite such fame, WiseFixer has certain dissatisfied users. They accuse it of being a scam. However, one blogger quickly put this rumor to rest by showing that WiseFixer’s low return rate at 1.53% means that over 98% of customers are happy with their purchase. Additionally, the famous software website CNET has certified WiseFixer as being 100% safe from adware, spyware and viruses. Another flaw pointed out by critics is that it does not actually fix substantial errors to be useful. These complaints are unjustified. One user kept blaming it for a script error that was actually caused by incompatible software.

Final Thoughts

WiseFixer has much to boast about. There is no learning curve. Users can download it and be fixing their PC in mere moments. The numerous options mean that every system scan is customizable. Once It has fixed a computer, it helps maintain it. It can be downloaded for free from wisefixer.com, and later bought. At a reasonable $48.97 for three computers and a money back guarantee, WiseFixer is a tough offer to refuse.

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